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7 thoughts on “Regurgitation

  1. Here is a great contribution that I was hoping to spark and am glad it took its own grass roots course here…

    we give the Egyptian military around 1.5 billion dollars a year. FROM OUR TAX MONEY.. knowing they will buy weapons and tear gas to use on their own people. People there aren’t stupid in fact i had to find out from some one there the address and state in which the tear gas is being manufactured here. in other words they know more than the public here. this generations of people finding american foreign policy to be hypocritical and unfair. Not forgetting of course along with other military spending and defense spending(which are different) that leads to a mass deficit and money problems with our country where the absurdists(conservatives who are not at all conservative) propose cutting more government programs and entitlements. seriously wake up from this dream and start coming up with some serious reasoning behind your lifestyles and mindsets on these issues. Democracy demands and depends on participation. and no that does not mean go xmass shopping…

  2. There was this anxiety that was stirring and suddenly leapt out of me. I could no longer contain a worry which I had dismissed as trivial.

    I am not going to say that I have pin-pointed or solved the issue. But I will say that I have discovered a complex within my mind: which says that I owe the world something, and says that it is a matter of utmost urgency to pay up. I contain in my head the awareness of some intangible to whom I am indebted, and whose disappointment is a consequence worse than a thousand papercuts.

    Oh, I cannot breathe.

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