notNOTjournalism is an experiment in experiential, first person reportage. In just a few short months, we have covered a variety events, largely concerning the Occupation Movement and what is being called the “world empathy movement,” utilizing many visual and verbal formats to tell stories, and to relate what we’ve seen. We are also very concerned with coverage of events that we feel are under-publicized or misrepresented. Examples include the #OWS NYCMarch2DC, Cooper Union’s current controversy over its status as a free university, and a march on November 5, appealing to President Obama for a separation of government and finance.

We are always looking for more art, photography, and words from the public. If you would like to contribute your experience, please email us at notNOTjournalism@gmail.com

We just finished a trip to Washington D.C. to join the NYCmarch2DC, and we have many more ideas on the table. However, we are quickly running out of funds. If you would like to donate to our adventures, so that you can continue to enjoy our first person point of view on dynamic events and people, click on the link provided below:

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