Interview with Egyptian resident and Friend Amr Aboulnasr

    • so let me just ask you what has happened this past weekend and how is it different then a few weeks ago before the first round of elections?

    • there is a sense that things are worst this time around. Some incidents seemed under reported last month that now seem to be resurfacing. How bad is it really?

  • December 19

    Amr Aboulnasr

    • i don’t really know what you see or read out there out there

    • but

    • if by bad u mean how violent it is, then it’s not as bas as last month

    • in november

    • in clashes with the police, 10s lost their eyes to rubber bullets and khartoosh

    • 45 People died, and 800 injured!!

    • that’s like a death toll in some military operation!

  • December 19

    Zack Helwa

    • what about live ammunition?

    • was there real bullets used back in nov as well?

  • December 19

    Amr Aboulnasr

    • yes

    • my brothers girl friend is a doctor, and she worked in the field hospital for a bit

    • and she has seen people shot by real bullets

  • December 19

    Zack Helwa

    • now has the media there been reporting such incidents? I hear the military has been doing a pretty strong push in confiscating videos and arresting journalists. including what happened to Mona al Attawy last month.

      Amr Aboulnasr

        • well, i havent heard of incidents of harassing journalists

        • but u can very easily sense how the media tv channels are controlled

      • December 19

        Zack Helwa

        • you believe the stories reported are one-sided?

      • December 19

        Amr Aboulnasr

        • yes

        • for me it’s very clear that the protesters did not set that building/library on fire

        • and that’s it’s a dirty game played well

        • to make the protesters seem as just violent people who burn down buildings to lose any sympathy they get from the masses at home

        • and turn against them

        • and sadly that s whats happening

      • Zack Helwa

        December 19

        Zack Helwa

        • there were books being burnt?

          Amr had to leave the text interview we had and promised to be back to continue. I am currently still trying to get an interview with my journalist correspondent Deena Magdy hopefully also coordinating my trip to egypt in the end of January.. will keep you posted on this story.

          Also the U.S has been sending 1.3 billion dollars a year to the egyptian military and using your tax money should have the ability to stop this. we also have a corporation in Pennsylvania by the name Complete Systems that’s the main provider of tear gas being used daily on peaceful protestors in egypt.


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