Occupy Broadway

December 2, 2011

Arriving and not knowing what’s happening, as usual. In Times Square- glaring lights: This is where I was told to come for 24 hours of street theater. In front of the big red steps, there’s a wonderful raucous band (apparently Lower East Side legends) singing protest and absurdity. Ask around ask around and finally find the “secret” performance spot a few blocks away. Privately owned public property. There’s cops smiling bemused. Clowns. Love. Singing! Someone brought cookies and we the audience pass them around. There aren’t enough, so I share mine with a stranger. The Civilians teach us sing-alongs. Penny Arcade gets the hang of the human microphone to talk about aging and activism in her comic monologue. Dzieci’s village idiots create gorgeous harmonies in Latin. They’re using a bicycle to generate power for the lights on the faces of performers, and the twinkly xmas lights decorating small trees- it’s like being in a fairy dream world. Just wow.

Words by Kathleen Purcell

Paintings by Kathleen Purcell


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