New School Occupation: Retrospective Observation

Many bottles and cans in many bags; bottles and cans once filled with– I had thought it a good idea at first, to loosen everyone up; but looking at the material result of our revelry–

Some of the graffiti is artful (Lists of things. Paintings of things– A totally incorrect representation of the Globe– Rainbow Vomit.) but it wasn’t supposed to be on the walls.

A boy takes a picture with his phone at the general assembly. Another boy stalks towards the first boy and we all begin to scream. I get lots of twinkles but no practical support. I also facilitate for the first time. We’re all smelling blood and I have so much that I want to say. There’s a lot of free gourmet bread still on a table in the corner. Mr. President comes to visit. Immediately left of him is a rodent. I am immediately left of a rodent. Fifty plus students listen in silence to a soft ultimatum and fifty plus students speak through one kid to say, “thank you for the offer, we’ll consider it.”

No one can make up whose side they’re on, because neither side is worth it. I am two-faced and visit everyone. I take part in a destruction dance and also help to develop ideas for a more welcoming space. I sleep on the floor and then apologize to my fellows. I am ashamed but do not regret. A kid in black wants me to add to the list of terror, to write my demand. I demand commitment. Neither of us know how to react.

Later, riotous decay.


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