Nov 12 March2DC

From Trenton, NJ to Bristol, PA

               A peaceful march makes its way through NJ crossing the Trenton bridge into Pennsylvania. about 25 Occupy protestors had started their 20 day march from NYC to Washington collecting and gathering more participants along the way, while visiting many different occupy movement across the country. I walked with them over the bridge and into Pennsylvania covering about 17 miles.  The march was peaceful and slightly playful finding unity with many people across the highway, and also at some point getting escorted to walk through a tunnel by a police officer who had singularly volunteered to help. The group would meet every morning and at the end of the day for a general assembly, as well as “facilitation training” in order to teach many other people about a process that gives everyone a choice to voice their opinion and have an open discussion and consensus within a large group of people; much like in a participatory democracy.

Hearsay: March2DC

Some anonymous quotes heard on the March2DC November 12, 2011

  • “I’ve come to view critics as my best teachers. I thank them for correcting me and testing me.”
  • “What a bunch of crazy motherfuckers. Beautiful.”
  • Conversation: A“You’re going where?” B“From New York to Washington D.C.” A“Ha! Well, good luck with THAT!” B“Thank you for your support!” C ”You know, if we make it, it’ll be all your fault.”
  • “I’m a radical moderate. That’s not a good idea. That’s not a bad idea. That’s a medium idea.”
  • “My voice? I love having this thing that I carry around with me. And I can keep giving it to people, and I never run out of it.”
  • “Compared to the main-stream political views, I’m totally off the map. But I don’t think I’m an unreasonable person.”
  • “I hate the world. I forgot my gloves. I will not rest until I live in a world with gloves.”
  • “There were some neo-Nazis coming to town for a convention, and we tried to organize a rally. We thought: c’mon, everybody hates neo-Nazis! But only like ten people showed up.”
learn more about the March2DC in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street at:

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Words by Kathleen Purcell
Photographed by Zack Helwa


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