On the table

This summer Six Circles Farm at the Finger Lakes had a serious harvest of sweet peppers as the frost set in, and in the days before I left Lodi, NY for Brooklyn, NY, we were totally absorbed in harvesting basketfuls, pickling and fermenting the bountiful pepper harvest. The purse-like Japanese eggplant, too, had to come in or be caught in the cold. At the same time in New York City, Occupy was taking root at Zuccotti park.

The people on the farm, who grow diverse vegetables with respect for the complexity of soil and everything living with it, were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, so they decided to bring all those peppers and eggplants, garlic and more down to Occupy’s Kitchen. Here they are cooking ’em up, in the Huffington Post article Occupy Wall Street, Faces of Zuccotti Park: From Farm To Table!

For some of the farmers Occupy was their first experience of the Big Apple. Landon Jones, who also works at the farm, took these photos of the Occupy camp in the course of fulfilling the good food mission. The first photo shows Dawn occupying crochet in an effort to weather the weather…


Photos by Landon Jones

Words by Annabel Roberts McMichael


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