The will continues : We will stay

October 29th, 2011

            Tensions flew like a tail-less kite on a calm day and no higher than steam from the R or 2 train…Two-piece horn sectioned band pitter-pattered like an artistic drizzle on a consciously modified tin roof.  Blues was the overriding tone…and who does not, at least momentarily, know to love the blues?    Of course, it was miserable!  Fucking rain and snow and wind blowing over and flooding tents and tarps!  Soaking Zucotti Park and being repelled by plastic ponchos, the unusually out-of-season winter-esque storm was not necessarily welcome, but should eventually, if not already, give credence to the strength and will of the occupants.  Visitors of the day, several making their first visit to the square, offered verbal thanks and warm clothing to those dedicated to this occupation as assumed responsibilities such as maintenance and medical attention carried on as usual.  Forecast for tomorrow: sunny, cold and new. 


Words by Ryan Hurley
Photographed by Zack Helwa

more pictures


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